Here’s an idea of our prices. Prices will increase if

  1. Your design requires a lot of work/labour time or
  2. Extra things needs be bought or made for your cake.


  • Customized toppers  eg. “Happy Birthday Love” “30&Fabulous” etc
  • A lot of sugar flowers
  • alcohol bottles
  • a LOT of macarons, fresh flowers, expensive chocolates, expensive and lots of sweets etc…

So the cake/idea you present to us might cost more than the range prices below.


A note on buttericing cakes. When you fetch it, it will be in the fridge.
Buttericing cakes not suitable to travel more than 2 hours and needs to be kept in a fridge until ready to serve or display
Pls don’t fetch the cake and still go on many errands before taking it to where it’s supposed to go…

1 tier

15cm R950 (serves 10-15)
18cm R1050 (serves 20-25)
20cm R1150

Multi tier cakes

20cm and 15cm R1600
25cm and 18cm R2500
25cm, 20cm, 15cm R3500
20cm, 15cm, 18cm R3000
30cm, 25cm, 20cm, 15cm R5000
25cm, 20cm, 15cm, 10cm R4500


Pls note that it take 3 to 4 times the amount of work/labour time/resources to make fondant cakes than buttericing cakes.
Our fondant cakes are 1st closed with ganache before fondant to achieve that beautiful neat, straight cake and of course not forgetting those sharp edges.
Fondant cakes are perfect to travel with.

1 tier

15cm R1050 (serves 10-15)
18cm R1250(serves 20-25)
20cm R1400

2 tiers

15cm and 10cm R2000
18cm and 12cm R2500
20cm and 15cm R3000
25cm and 18cm R3500

3 tiers

20cm, 15cm, 10cm R4000
23cm, 18cm, 12cm R4500
25cm, 20cm, 15cm R5000


3 tier

20cm, 15cm, 10cm R4500
23cm, 18cm, 12cm R5500
25cm, 20cm, 15cm R6500

4 tier

25cm , 20cm, 15cm, 10cm R7500
28cm, 23cm, 18cm, 12cm R8500
30cm 25cm, 20cm, 15cm R9500

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